Does eating carbs make you fat – A common nutrition Myth?

Knowing what you are eating is always a good move in making your diet plan. Carbohydrates are considered one of the most crucial as well as controversial topic in fitness and nutrition industry. Some believe that eating carbs will make them fat and some think they need to eat lot of carbs in order to gain weight but the thing that we need to understand that there is a difference between good carbs and bad carbs which everyone needs to understand. So let us break down this piece of information for you to break the diet myths.

What are carbohydrates?

It is one of the three macronutrients and provides the body with energy for daily functioning. It includes sugars, starches and fiber.

Are carbohydrates good or bad?

The above raised question is subjective as it depends on what kind of carbs are you consuming.

 Good carbs i.e. whole carbs/complex carbohydrates or non-refined carbs are ones that have high natural fiber content in it making them digest slowly and is considered a good source of long term energy. It doesn’t spike your insulin level and also help to control your blood sugar levels.

Bad carbs on the other hand are refined carbs that are processed in the factory and their fiber content is reduced in the process which makes them faster to digest and provides energy only for short term.


What are the consequences of eating good carbs?

Good carbs or non-refined carbs or complex carbs or whole carbs, are long chains of sugar when consumed, digest slowly. The slow digestion leads to energy fulfillment for longer time. You feel full after eating foods with high content of complex carbs. Consuming these foods do not lead to spike in blood sugar level in the short term and leads to control in diabetes in the long run. Doctors suggest eating these foods to diabetic people as the fiber present in the complex carbs help to control blood sugar level.



What are the consequences of eating bad carbs?

Bad carbs are the simple structure of carbohydrates that digest easily and spikes our blood sugar level. These are not at all healthy option to eat. In the long run consumption of these carbs lead to type 2 diabetes and obesity which is associated with the many health problems such as heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol and many others.

Sources of these carbs are refined sugar, soda, white bread, burger, pizza, packaged cereals and juices, white rice, samosas and all those food made up of refined flour (maida).

Humans have been eating carbohydrates for millenniums but the epidemic or the problem of obesity and diabetes is relatively new. It is after the emergence of the processed food industry that people are getting fat in young age. So technically consumption of bad carbohydrates can be associated with these problems. It is not the carbohydrate itself but the quality of carbs that is important in our diet foods with low glycemic index (GI) is considered a healthy option.

Always be smart with what you are consuming as eating something that does not suit you for a long time can be a cause of severe health problem.