Benefits of Green Tea – Worth it or not for fat loss ???

Considered as the healthiest drink in the world, favourite among the fitness enthusiasts worldwide, not so tasty but without any doubt healthy. Yes, we are talking about the benefits of Green tea.


Green tea was originated in China, it is made up of dried camellia leaves. We often get advice to consume green tea for becoming healthy and fat-free. There are some myths and facts related to green tea consumption, let us discuss these facts and put some light on the benefits of green tea.


Green tea contains loads of antioxidants and these antioxidants helps to prevent cell damage and lowers the risk of cancer.

Although less in comparison to coffee but still one cup of green tea consists of some dose of caffeine, which is enough to have a mild effect on the body.


Caffeine is considered to be a stimulant and is found to be improving exercise performance.


Keeping in mind these above two benefits of green tea, about caffeine and metabolism we can be pretty sure that green tea positively supports the fat reduction in the body.


In fact, some scientific studies found that green tea consumption helps to reduce fat 17% faster.


Now, looking at the benefits of green tea, it is depicted as a magic drink in T.V. advertisements, that once consumed reduces your fat and makes you healthy and fit as problems never existed before.


But the real truth is green tea can only increase the speed of fat loss via improved metabolism.


Proper diet plan and regular exercise is crucial when it comes to achieving fitness goals.


You cannot completely rely upon green tea for hiding the effects of the unhealthy food that you eat on regular basis.


To enjoy the benefits of Green tea, it can be consumed 1-3 times a day, since the ingredients are all natural and it does not have any side effect on the body.


It should also be kept in mind that flavoured green tea should be avoided as flavours are mainly made of sugar which is definitely harmful.


Minor alterations in diet like replacing regular tea or coffee with Green tea can be very helpful in the long run.


The decision lies with you that whether you want to be unhealthy or you want to be happy