Lifting weights make women bulky???

I heard from many people saying that women shouldn’t lift weights as it makes them bulky and women also feel the same and restrain themselves to lift weight and focused only on the cardio training in the gym but this is not the truth.

Today, we are going to break this biggest myth that restrains women to lift weights or heavy weights in the gym.

You can’t even imagine how much benefits you will get once you incorporate weight training with your cardio session.

First, we should understand that our muscle growth or bulk mainly depends upon Testosterone hormones i.e. male hormones and women have high estrogen i.e. female hormones which make it difficult for the women to become overly muscular.

Lifting weights offer numerous benefits to the women as it increases your strength, you will look more toned and you have more muscles that mean your body will also able to burn fat fast.

For more benefits of weight training, you can also read the benefits of weight training.

You will get in shape and you feel more strongly than before and able to do work more efficiently.

If you are new to weight training then you can first start with bodyweight exercises such as push ups and pull ups.


Go ahead and combine your cardio training with weight training and don’t think about the bulk look as I already told you it all depends on our hormones.