Healthiest food on planet- OATS I Oats benefits

Author- Sukanya Nath



Oats are considered the healthiest grains for all. It has a lot of many health benefits. It helps with our goals, be it muscle building or weight loss. Oats are Gluten-free whole grains and are very rich in antioxidants. They are a great source of important vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Oats benefits

Oats are a primary source of carbohydrates. They are complex carbs, which is slow digesting because it contains a powerful soluble fiber called Beta-Glucan. Complex carbs help us in providing with long-lasting energy. It keeps us filling for longer hours.

Because it has fiber present in it, it increases the growth of good bacteria in our digestive tract, which helps relieve constipation.

It is heart-healthy. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol that is LDL levels, because of the presence of Beta-Glucan.

There are whole grain oats and instant oats. Instant oats or quick oats are highly processed oats. it takes the shortest time to cook, while whole oats take a longer time to cook.

But you should make sure you use the whole grain oats, not the instant one. Whole oats are also available in powder form. You can use that as well since it’s more convenient.

You can add it to your smoothies, or cookies, muffins and other baked items. There are a lot many brands available in the market. You can use any brand, doesn’t matter, but should be whole grain oats.

You can have it as your pre-workout meal too. Add half cup oats, one cup milk, 1 spoon peanut butter, one banana and half scoop whey protein (which is optional), and blend it in a grinder. One of the best pre-workout meal you can have, which will provide you with the energy you need for your performance.

Oats also contain some amount of protein and fat. It also contains B vitamins, very essential for our body.

Since it contains a unique group of antioxidants called avenanthramides, it helps to lower blood pressure levels. Also, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effects.


It can also help reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, which is the most common disease caused by elevated blood sugar levels. Oats help in lowering blood sugar levels, and also improves insulin sensitivity. Since it has Beta-Glucan in it, it slows down the process of absorption of glucose into the blood.

Oats help you in losing weight. Beta-Glucan in oatmeal helps you keep full for the longer duration, and hence you end up consuming lesser calories. Hence it may decrease the risk of obesity.


Therefore, Oatmeal can be a perfect add on to a healthy diet. It’s the most powerful breakfast you can have while you are on track to your goal of losing weight or building muscle. It’s incredibly nutritious and tasty as well. It has tons of benefits, making it a health-friendly food.