How to reduce belly fat ?

First, we have to understand that we can’t reduce the fat from only one spot of our body by focussing on that particular part or only from the belly.
I found many people in the gym who are just doing crunches for reducing their belly fat, crunches are just like another exercise for your abdominal muscles. It won’t help you to burn that belly fat.
According to science, spot reduction is not possible it means that you can’t lose fat from anyone targeted area through an exercise of that particular part. Spot reduction is completely a myth and nothing.

For fat loss, you should keep following things in your mind-

1. Be in a calorific deficit diet which means burn more calories than you consume in a day but don’t do crash dieting. 

2. Avoid simple carbs as it spikes your blood level and eats more fibre rich food, for detailed information on carbs check my previous post.
3. Increase your lean protein intake as it would help you to preserve your muscle during fat loss.

4. Eat 5-6 small meals instead of 3 big meals and also add raw vegetables in your diet like cucumber, cabbage carrot and tomato. Eat these raw vegetables before your main meal.

5. Add strength training in your program as it would help you to burn more calories as compare to your cardio training session. You need to train your muscles as more muscles you have more fat you burn easily.