Water-Life giving liquid

“Drink water when you feel thirsty”, This statement is a bit wrong and let us explain how? Water is an essential component of the diet, every healthy diet is incomplete without an adequate quantity of water. The lack of water in the body has several consequences and not drinking enough water is harmful to the body. There is the myth that says “we should drink water when we feel thirsty”, yes, you heard it right. We call the statement a “myth” because water should be consumed irrespective of our thirst. Delhi based fitness nutritionist Lalit Gulati often says “Don’t drink water because you feel thirsty, drink water because you need to”.
Thirst is actually a brain’s response to dehydration, which means a lack of adequate water level in the body. There are generally three ways through which our body loses water, I.e. sweating, urinating, and breathing. If the pace at which the body loses water exceeds the consumption of water then we get dehydrated. As stated above that dehydration have several consequences, so let us look upon each one.
Body temperature instability: since the human body is made up of 60% water so it helps to maintain our required body temperature at a normal level. The lack of water leads to unnecessary temperature variations, which sometimes leads to fever.
Dry skin: water consumption helps to moisturize the skin from the outside, lack of water makes the skin dry which leads to skin rashes and may lead other serious skin problems.
Acidification: acidification of liquid inside the body leads to the formation of Crystals in the bladder, and kidneys which turns out to be a stone so regularly skipping water consumption is harmful.
Dizziness, headaches: lack of fluid levels leads to headaches and it also compromises with concentration power which is like a nightmare for a student.
Muscle aches, cramps: lack of water leads to soreness in muscles especially relatively small muscle groups like forearms, calves, shoulder etc. Lack of water also leads to muscle cramps and restrain us from doing physical activities.
Constipation: constipation makes you feel bloated and leads to severe illness, and uncomfortable situation.
Definition of adequate water changes with the bodily requirement and the bodily requirement of water changes with the level of physical activity that we do, the pace at which the body loses water. But the well-accepted rule for water consumption says that we should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Water is literally free, clean water is a human necessity, do not such a simple thing like water consumption ruin your health goals.