Brown rice V/S white rice. which one is more healthy?

Rice has been a part of human diet since many centuries. The number of ways we cook rice and the number of options with which we consume rice are numerous.
Some combinations are super healthy, while others are not. The way we cook, that is boiling or frying or steaming have an impact on the final product that comes out of the pressure cooker, steamer, cooking pot.
Everyone knows frying is not a good option, everyone knows consuming sweet rice daily is not the good option. But, most of the people don’t know the difference between different kinds of rice, and the nutritional value it has.
Today we talk about brown vs white rice, what exactly they are. And which option is more healthy.

What is the basic difference?
When we grow rice in the farm then the end product rice, is covered with a husk. The inside of it contains cereal germ, carbohydrate rich endosperm and fiber rich bran.
White rice undergoes a process where husk, germ, and bran is removed, whereas brown rice consist of everything except husk.

Which one is more healthier?

Certainly brown rice has more nutritional value as that of white rice.
Brown rice contains more fiber, and other micronutrients like magnesium, manganese, and folate.
Whereas white rice consist of majorly carbs, and a very low amount of Micronutrients as compared to brown rice.
Both type of rice has almost equal and insignificant amount of protein presence.
Since, we explained earlier that white rice undergoes a separate process of bran and germ removal, a question arises in mind that why is it that brown rice is more expensive. The simple answer to this question is that white rice production is very high which leads to enjoyment of economies of scale and thus it costs cheaper per kg to produce white rice than the brown ones. It should definitely not be misinterpreted that white rice are not at all a healthy option, Boiled white rice can be consumed with chicken, legumes, soybean etc. These recipes makes the meal healthy and nutritious.
Switching from white rice to brown rice is a decision worth taking. We know that a good health comes with a cost but, Eating healthy is not the option but an obligation we have towards out body, brain, and soul.