CHOLESTEROL- All you need to know about Cholesterol

Abe mera cholesterol bada hua hai, merko doctor ne mana kia hai, mai ye nahi kahunga aur wo bi mana kia hai, all and all, Our Indian society doesn’t know shit about the cholesterol and the people will keep guiding you as they are the doctor and knows everything about it, though they may also be suffering from the same thing.

We see CHOLESTEROL as a bad thing without even knowing what is it, how it helps our body, bas doctor ne mana kia hai to wo nahi kahenge, ye bi nahi khanege and ulti shulti medicines pe paisa udta rhenge.

So, let’s start today’s topic: CHOLESTEROL, one of the hot topics and still unknown to many.


CHOLESTEROL is a wax, fat-like substance, which 75% of it is produced by the liver and the rest of it, comes from the food we eat.

Plants don’t make cholesterol, so it is found in the animal and dairy products like milk, eggs


As cholesterol is a fat-like substance, it can’t be dissolved in the blood, so to carry it, the liver also produces lipoproteins. These lipoproteins are the substances which are made of the protein and fats, which help in carrying cholesterol in the blood to every part of the body.

The lipoproteins come in two forms:

  1. LDL (LOW-DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN), also known as Bad cholesterol
  2. HDL (HIGH-DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN), also known as Good cholesterol


Before coming to these types of protein, the main thing one should be clear about is that cholesterol isn’t bad and most of it is produced by the body itself.

 The function of the cholesterol:

  1. Formation of cell membranes, Vitamin-D and other certain steroids hormones and digestive fluids.
  2. Helps in the proper functioning of the organs.
  3. Helps in the production of bile in the liver which ultimately helps in the absorption, digestion of foods and then it also helps in the excretion of the waste products.
  4. It also helps in the production of Sex hormones.




Now let’s see the main issue with the cholesterol which the people face:


As the cholesterol travels through blood and blood which is carried through arteries, if there would be high LDL, it would lead to the hardening, stiffening of the arteries. Though some level of LDL is required for the proper functioning of the body, high levels of LDL causes serious problems to our body including heart attack and stroking. That’s why LDL is also called bad cholesterol.

Eating too many processed foods that contain high amounts of bad fat and sugar increases the level of LDL cholesterol in your blood. This is known as HIGH CHOLESTEROL, also called hypercholesterolemia or hyperlipidaemia.

High level of LDL increases the risk of heart attack and stroking.


Now the main question arises that if a high level of LDL is bad, then a high level of HDL should also be bad? No. that’s not the case, high level of HDL actually helps the body in proper functioning and keeps the cardiovascular system healthy.

High level of HDL reduces the risk of heart attack and stroking.

The main reason why a high level of HDL is good is that HDL helps in the removal of LDL from the arteries if left as it is or untreated, would cause serious problems. HDL removes LDL from the arteries back to the liver, from where it is eliminated from the body. That’s why HDL is also called good cholesterol.


Now the question is WHO ARE MORE PRONE TO HAVE HIGH LDL levels?

  • Persons who are obese.

  • Persons having the problem of high BP.

  • Persons having a family history of high cholesterol.

  • Persons living a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Persons not living a healthy lifestyle, i.e., not eating more processed food or not exercising at all.

  • Persons suffering from diabetes.


Out of these, there are some which we can control like quit smoking or drinking, start exercising, eating a well-balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle.


All the basic problems lie down to that we don’t eat correctly and exercise. Most of the problems would be solved if we start living a healthy lifestyle.