How to gain weight/muscle mass

Are you underweight and struggling in gaining weight? Are you in search of how to gain weight or put on some muscle mass fast but don’t know how then this article is something you need to read for some amazing quick which will not answer your question of how to gain weight fast but also help you to gain in a healthier way and you will also build some good quality muscle mass by following the hacks given in this article.


Most people hold this notion that gaining weight is super easy as compare to the fat loss but that’s not true if you want to gain weight in a healthier way, you need to act smartly.


Now, most people who are hard gainers and don’t know how to gain weight fast in an healthier way fall in the trap of mass gainer but remember mass gainer or weight gainer is a complete waste of money, it might help you to gain weight but not in the healthier way as they are mostly loaded with the sugars that are not good for the health.


Now, we come to points that will answer your question of how to gain weight.


  • Be in a caloric surplus

Now, most of you believe that you are eating a lot but still not able to gain weight but what’s the definition of eating a lot, did you count your calories or just assuming you are eating a lot. First, you need to calculate your maintenance according to your body weight, age and gender and the activity level and then start consuming 20-25% more calories of your maintenance calories from the real food, not from the junk food.



  • Macros break down –

    Most of who struggle to gain weigh are the ectomorphs, they need to consume more calories from the carbs and less from the fats in order to gain weight with a moderate amount of protein. So the macro breakdown will be in this way.

           Carbs – 50-55% I Protein- 25-30% I Fats -20%


  • Eat in every 2-3 hours –

      We often eat 3 big meals in our daily lifestyle but that gap of 5-6 hours between the meals is not good            when you are in search of how to gain weight because chances are your metabolism so fast means you        burning energy faster as compare to others so you need to keep feeding your body with calorie dense             and nutrients dense foods.


  • Focus on more compounds movements in the gym-

Now what most people do, in order to look good or to show their biceps specifically, they daily do arms workout at the end of the main workout session and they don’t focus on the compounds such as deadlifts, squats, bench press and shoulder press which involves more muscle and it helps to increase your strength also and also don’t go for higher rep ranges, keep the rep range between 6-10 reps for most of compounds movements and take a rest of minimum 2-2.5 minutes between the sets.


  • Progressive overloading –

Now this is very important for those who continuously want to add muscle size, it means when you lift the same weight again and again your body adapts to that weight and it will not create the tension on muscle during workout that you need for the growth of the muscle so it’s is very important for you to gradually increase the stress on the muscle by either increasing the weight or rep ranges and decreasing the rest period. Here increasing the weight will work the best for you and help you to put on muscle mass fast.


  • Rest –

Rest is equally important as your workout and nutrition because body repairs the muscle tissues that got damaged in the gym while working out and that repairing lead to increase in the muscle size over a period of time and body also release hormones that is required for the growth when you are sleeping, so take a rest of at least 7-8 hours, 8 hours of sound sleep will add definitely add magic in your gains when your workout and nutrition is on point.


So, follow these points with consistency and you will definitely see some amazing results.

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